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a world in which
all beings prosper

Prosper is a mobile app that facilitates group prayer and intention practice, and guides you to focus your personal intentions, affirmations, and visualizations to manifest a more prosperous life.

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Give to the world,

give to yourself

Contemporary consciousness research proves what mystics of all ages have known: that focused, heartfelt intention changes our lives, and changes the world.

Current research shows that the power of intention is greatly amplified when practiced in groups, and that, when we send out positive intention for the benefit of others, our lives benefit as well.

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Join our Seed Group

We’re putting together an invitation only Seed Group for the Beta launch of the app.

Our intention is to bring together the most high-vibrational humans we know, and  the most high vibrational humans they know, to seed the field of conscious creation our app sits within, populating the app with a plethora of heartfelt, sincere, world-changing intentions.  

Join us on the forefront of conscious evolution.

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Spiritual Teachers, Healers & Influencers

Prosper gives you a new way to gather and serve your audience, while also exposing our users to your content and offerings. If you are interested in contributing content to Prosper, while expanding your own audience, get in touch!

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Powerful features for co-creating the lives and world we know are possible

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Pre-Launch Group Intention Events

Our live pre-launch events leverage current consciousness research to produce the highest degree of positive impact on the world and our individual lives. Come join us in heart-coherence, prayer, and blessings for the world.

Cosmic Seeds of Intention

Prayers of Wholeness, Harmony, and Humanity

April 3, 2024, 9 pm EDT
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We all want to live in a more harmonious world, and to experience more win-win dynamics in our relationships. ...  The astrological influences of April 3rd afford us a stellar opportunity to plant seeds of peace, love, harmony, and win-win outcomes, in our own lives, and in the collective consciousness.

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