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Cosmic Seeds of Intention

Prayers of Wholeness, Harmony, & Humanity
April 3, 2024, 9 pm EDT (Zoom)
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Join us on Zoom, Wed. April 3rd at 9pm Eastern, for an astrologically timed group intention event harnessing the highest potentials of the present cosmic energies for the benefit of all beings.



Deep in our hearts, we all want to live in a more harmonious world, and to experience more win-win dynamics in our relationships. We’re weary of the win-lose games and unconscious agreements that leave us all battered and defensive.  


The astrological influences of April 3rd afford us a stellar opportunity to plant seeds of peace, love, harmony, and win-win outcomes, in our own lives, and in the collective consciousness.


Astrological Alchemy

Is your feed full of doom and gloom about the coming eclipse? 


The energies of this time may indeed be intense, but as the ancients said, "the stars incline, but do not compel."


When we approach these energies consciously and intentionally, we can use even the most challenging energies to our advantage.


One of the best uses of astrology is for ritual timing. And the best use of ritual is for the benefit of all beings. 


Amid the brewing intensity, there is grace, and we have the perfect opportunity on April 3rd to utilize the highest aspects of the present cosmic energies to our advantage.


On that date, at 9pm EDT, just about halfway between the eclipses in Libra and Aries, Venus and Neptune will be in exact conjunction in the mystical, prayerful sign of Pisces. Likewise, Mars and Saturn will be in fairly close conjunction (4°) in Pisces.


At this unique moment in time, we have the opportunity to use the structuring, anchoring energies of Saturn, along with the fiery, initiating powers of Mars, to create an alchemical container for prayers inspired by the pairing of the loving, embodied energies of Venus, and the spiritual, compassionate energies of Neptune. 


This is a moment to really bring the spiritual down into the material, and to plant seeds of positive intention for all beings on Earth. 


This is a moment to create harmony between the Aries-Libra axis of self and other.


Let's not miss it.


Special Guest Astrologer

Prior to our group intention practice, we will be joined by special guest astrologer and masterful teller of starlore, Frank Salzano, who will break down in his unique, engaging way, the astrological energies of the time and how we can best utilize them to create a better world.


Our Shared Intentions
  1. When conflict arises, I pause, connect with my heart and deeper wisdom, and move forward toward win-win outcomes and agreements

  2. At all points in space-time, past, present, future, in all realms, I embody the highest spiritual energies

  3. Humanity is learning to work together as a whole, harmonizing the polarities of left-right, male-female, self-other, etc.


Our Method of Prayer

Though we welcome you to pray in whatever way you feel most comfortable, we are encouraging a “1st person God,” present-tense affirmation type of prayer, where you are stating the intention as if you yourself are living its outcome, visualizing the outcome feeling the outcome and feeling whatever emotions and sensations are associated with its realization. We are using both time-tested and science backed methods, which will be explained in greater depth just before our group practice.


Agenda (1 hour):
  • Welcome and introduction

  • Astrology talk by Frank Salzano

  • Intention practice briefing and instruction

  • Group attunement and mutual blessing

  • Group intention practice (our 3 prayers)

  • Open floor for discussion

  • Thank you and farewell


Time zones:
  • US Eastern: April 3, 9:00 PM EDT

  • US Hawaii: April 3, 3:00 PM HST

  • US Pacific: April 3, 6:00 PM PDT

  • US Mountain: April 3, 7:00 PM MDT

  • US Central: April 3, 8:00 PM CDT

  • UTC: April 4, 1:00 AM UTC

  • London: April 4, 2:00 AM BST

  • Paris: April 4, 3:00 AM CEST

  • Kyiv: April 4, 4:00 AM EEST

  • Jerusalem: April 4, 4:00 AM IDT

  • Tehran: April 4, 4:30 AM GMT+3:30

  • India: April 4, 6:30 AM IST

  • Bangkok: April 4, 8:00 AM GMT+7

  • Shanghai: April 4, 9:00 AM CST

  • Tokyo: April 4, 10:00 AM JST

  • Perth: April 4, 9:00 AM AWST

  • Sydney: April 4, 12:00 PM AEDT


  • Is this prayer, or intention? You've used both words.
    That's right. Prayer is a way of stating intentions, and stating intentions is a way of praying. We often use the words prayer and intention interchangeably. There are so many ways to pray, all which are valid. In our group practices, you are welcome to modify the intentions to suit whatever way you prefer to pray. For example, if you usually do prayers of supplication (E.g. "Please, God, may…") you are welcome to state the intentions in that way.

  • Are people of all faiths and beliefs welcome?
    Yes, we welcome people of all beliefs and faiths, and all ways of praying and intention setting. We encourage a specific form of prayer that includes visualization, the evocation of loving emotion, and speaking the intentions aloud, but you are welcome to pray in whatever way works for you, so long as you are joining the group in praying with essentially the same intentions.

  • Does intention and prayer work?
    Yes, there is a large and growing body of evidence for the power of prayer and intention, including what is often called 'group meditation,' but which is also a form of group prayer. Evidence shows that prayer (and heartfelt intention) have the power to change outcomes in physical reality, and that this power is amplified when the intentions and prayers are held by groups.



Join us in embodying the change you wish to see, utilizing the wisdom of the ages to create the world we each know in our hearts is possible, if we create it.

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