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The Wishing Well

Spring Equinox Group Intention Event

March 20, 2024, 1:11 pm ET
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What would it be like to live in a world where everyone’s creating win-win-win dynamics, in everything we do?


A world in which men and women, left and right, work together harmoniously, guided by a unified consciousness?


Where people all over the world move together from our common interest, and from love?


What would it be like for your own relationships, and your inner world, to be harmonized?


What is Superhumanity? And how do we embody it?


Being human is complex, with so many competing parts, inside and out.


So much discord in the world. And so much fear, contention, and mistrust can arise in relationships.


However, there’s something deeper inside all of us, recognizing itself as the unity of all things, the One being.


There’s a well, within each of us, which connects us to the Source that feeds us all—the source of all power, and virtue.


Connecting to that source, the intentions that arise in our consciousness–which may then form the basis of our thoughts, feelings, and actions–transcend win-lose dynamics. We wish for all beings, in their individuality to flourish, and prosper.

We can create this world. Starting with ourselves. And our own connection to Source.

We can meet at community wells, intending to create win-win-win dynamics–serving all of our relations, ourselves, and Source—just as Source itself wishes to do. 


As Winter thaws and Spring bears its buds, I invite you to one such community well, where we will wish and be nourished together. 


Moving with the energies and traditions of Spring, this Spring Equinox, March 20, at 1:11pm EDT (one-one-one), we will gather online in gratitude and celebration of the Source of life, sharing together in planting seeds of win-win-win intentions, which support all beings in their prosperity.


Agenda (33 magical minutes)
Gather at 1:11pm EDT
  • Brief talk about:

       • the science of intention

       • creating win-win-win dynamics

       • Spring themes

       • the true meaning of prosperity

       • how we have already won-won-won

  • Attune to our hearts

  • Tap into source

  • Focus together on 3 win-win-win intentions/prayers (3 minutes each)

Time Zones:

US Pacific: March 20, 10:11 AM PDT

US Mountain: March 20, 11:11 AM MDT

US Central: March 20, 12:11 PM CDT

UTC: March 20,05:11 PM UTC

London: March 20, 05:11 PM GMT

Paris: March 20, 06:11 PM CET

India: March 20, 10:41 PM IST

Shanghai: March 21, 01:11 AM CST

Tokyo: March 21, 02:11 AM JST

Sydney: March 21, 04:11 AM AEDT


A Gift

As a thank you for contributing your heartfelt intention and presence, participants will receive a high definition digital copy of a sigil specifically channeled for our Spring ’24 intentions. This sigil can be printed and referred back to as a way of watering the seeds we’ve planted.

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